Green Chromium Oxide

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We offer Green Chromium Oxide that is a green amorphous powder, having metallic luster. Green Chromium Oxideâs gravity is 5.21, melting point is 2,266±25oC and boiling point is 4,000oC. We make available the finest Green Chromium Oxide that is stable in presence of high temperature, corrosive gas and light.

  • Green grourd pave paint colorant
  • Smelting metal chromium
  • Chromic carbide and catalyst of organic synthetic chromium
  • Coloring agent for coloring painting on ceramics and enamelware
  • Imitation leather or building material
  • Used for making sun-proof coating, abrasive
  • Green polishing compound
  • Special printing ink for printing bank note

Technical Details
  • Appearance : Green powder
  • CAS NO : 1308-38-9
  • Formula : Cr2O3

Packing : 25kg

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