Sodium Cyanide

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We are actively involved in the distribution of Sodium Cyanide. The Sodium Cyanide, we offer, is provided in proper packaging at the market leading price.

  • Index Standard
  • Sodium cyanide : 98% Min
  • Moisture : 0.2% Max
  • Alkalinity (NaOH) : 0.6% Max
  • Sodium format : 0.5% Max
  • Sodium Chloride : 0.1% Max
  • Density (water=1) : 1.6
  • Melting point : 563.7 C
  • Boiling point : 1496 C

  • The Sodium Cyanide is a highly toxic substance (strong poison)
  • The Sodium is manufactured in the shape of white briquettes and flakes

Mainly applied to gold mining industry, metallurgy, galvanization, refined chemical industry, medicine intermediate, pesticide intermediate and so on.

The Sodium Cyanide is packed into the polyethylene gaskets that are placed into steel cylinders without load hatches; top cover is seamed after filling the cylinder. The cylinder is hermetically sealed.

The Sodium Cyanide is also packed into UN-approved 2-ply polypropylene-polyethylene big bags that are stowed into wooden boxes. Net weight of one big bag is 1.000 kg.

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